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Phaeton SPT-Alpha UD-32D8K+

The K+ Series is an ideal choice for high volume outdoor signage applications on short lead time. Equipped with the latest industrial high-speed printhead Seiko Alpha 1024HG, linear guide rails and stable cloth feeding system which improves the printing speed up to 256 m2/h. Featuring 28kHz frequency, 25pl drop size and duo color heads, the Seiko Alpha 1024HG Printhead is able to maintain lightfastness and weatherability enabling your clients to experience the full impact of the next-generation large format printer performance.

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Model UD-32D8K+
Printhead Coding SPT-Alpha *4
Print Width 3200mm
Draft – Output (m/hr) : 2Pass 256
Standard – Output (m/hr) : 3Pass 178
Quality – Output (m/hr) : 4Pass 132
H. Quality – Output (m/hr) : 6Pass 90
Backlit – 8Pass 66
Ink Solvent/Eco-solvent
Drying Fans+IR Heater
Power 8500W
RIP Software Maintop, Photoprint
The speed data varies in different computers