Project Description

UD 2112LC 6.8-1

GALAXY UD 211LC / 2112LC 6.8 feet

Galaxy LC series Printer is upgrade from LA series printer, Upgrade the printer board (Can use the New Epson DX5 printhead which Encryption with code), feeding system and resolve other small problems.

Brochure NEW
Product Model: ECO solvent printer 2112LC / 1440DPI
Printhead: Epson DX 5 ECO solvent print head
Nozzles: (180 Nozzles x 8 lines) x 2 print head
Print head high: 2-10mm Above Media Adjustable
Max. material width: 2180mm
Max. Print Width: 2100mm
Output (m2/h): Print Mode:
Standard Output (m2 /h)

R.Draft 2Pass:
58Draft 3Pass:

Standard 4Pass:

Quality 6Pass:

High-Quality 8Pass:

Backlit 12Pass:

Ink: Type:
ECO Solvent InksColor:
Dual 4Colors(Dual C\M\Y\ K )

Ink Supply System:
Auto Ink Supply System

Media: Roll outer diameter:
2-inch \ 3-inchType:
Single paper (feed front)
Roller paper (feed rear)

Max. weight for roller:

Interface: USB 2.0/Hi USB
Rip software: Maintop / Ultraprint
Media Feeding System: Equipped (Take up System Optional)
Printing Language: Standard Printer Languages
Power: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
Operation Environment: Temperature: 20~32 oC Humidity: 40%~60%
Machine Dimension: L3,380 x W990 x H1,260mm / 225KG
Package Dimension: L3,490 x W1,100 x H845mm / 422KG
Clamp: Equipped