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SL-D3000 SINGLE 12-1 NEW

Epson SureLab SL-D3000 Single Roll 12″

Preserve Precious Memories with the Leader in Photo Printing

  • Print up to 12-inch media
  • Epson UltraChrome D6 ink
  • Micro Piezo Thin Film Piezo Print Head
  • Smart Automation with Single Roll Media Feeder and Optional Sorter
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Lifelike Prints
Epson’s UltraChrome D6 six colours photo ink-set achieves a wide colour gamut that exceeds that of silver halide, yielding long lasting prints that are vivid and lifelike with excellent black density. Besides regular glossy paper, prints can also be made on matte paper, giving you more options to print cards and other collaterals.

Unrivalled Efficiency
High-speed printing is achieved through the clockwork coordination between the high performance Micro Piezo™ print heads; employing multiple nozzles and cutting edge Variable Size Droplet Technology (VSDT), and software-controlled rollers to ensure that papers are precisely fed.

Smart Automation
An optional sorter unit automatically sorts up to 10 jobs, offering you reliability and peace of mind to tend to other matters.

Intelligent Software
The bundled system software guides you through a maintenance process that requires no special training to use. The newly developed SureLab “”OrderController”” is an optional proprietary software with basic photo re-touching functions that can help you easily process high volumes of photos.

Broad Applications
Print media such as panoramic photos, 12-inch width and other large prints are supported on SL-D3000. This capability can be extended to include large format and fine art prints.

Budget and Environmentally Friendly
Chemical liquids and their disposal costs are eliminated through the use of environmentally friendly, high capacity and competitively priced ink cartridges that allow you to do more with your budget and for the environment. In addition, the print engine is built with durable components to support large volume commercial photo use while minimising the need for periodic part replacement.

Printing Technology: Print Method:
Epson Micro Piezo™ on-demand inkjet with Variable Sized Droplet TechnologySupported Media:
Epson genuine media: Glossy, Luster, MatteNozzle Configuration:
736 nozzles 6 coloursMinimum Droplet Size:
1.5plMaximum Resolution:
720 x 720 dpi (Glossy / Luster / Matte Paper), 1440 x 1440 dpi (Glossy / Luster Paper)Maximum Print Speed:
650 sheets / hour (152 x 102mm / 6″ x 4″, at 720 x 720 dpi)Back Print Unit:
Dot matrix, 9 pin: 40 characters x 2 lines; Character size: 7 x 9 dot / 1 character: 1.2 x 3.1mmPaper Width:
102mm (4″), 127mm (5″), 152mm (6″), 203mm (8″), 210mm (A4), 254mm (10″), 305mm (12″)Print Size:
3.5″ x 5″ 12″ x 48″
Media Handling: Rear Roll Specifications:
Max. Roll Length: 100m
Core Diameter; 76.2 ± 0.2mm (3″)
External Diameter: Max. 265mm
Weight: < 8.5kgMedia Handling:
Rear roll up to 305mm / 12″ media width
Consumables: Black Ink Cartridge:
C13T710100Cyan Ink Cartridge:
C13T710200Magenta Ink Cartridge:
C13T710300Yellow Ink Cartridge:
C13T710400Light Cyan Ink Cartridge:
C13T710500Light Magenta Ink Cartridge:
C13T710600Ribbon Cassette for Black Print Unit:
C43S015635Professional Paper For SureLab (Glossy):
C13S042475 (4″x100m), C13S042476 (5″x100m), C13S042477 (6″x100m), C13S042478 (8″x100m), C13S042479 (10″x100m), C13S042480 (12″x100m), C13S042481 (A4x100m)Professional Paper For SureLab (Luster):
C13S042482 (4″x100m), C13S042483 (5″x100m), C13S042484 (6″x100m), C13S042485 (8″x100m), C13S042486 (10″x100m), C13S042487 (12″x100m), C13S042488 (A4x100m)Professional Paper For SureLab (Matte):
C13S042489 (4″x100m), C13S042490 (5″x100m), C13S042491 (6″x100m), C13S042492 (8″x100m), C13S042493 (10″x100m), C13S042494 (12″x100m), C13S042495 (A4x100m)

Cleaning Sheet:

Power Consumption: Operating:
Approx. 500WStandby:
Approx. 60W
Connectivity: Standard:
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed