Project Description


ACCUCUT Sign Cutter 4 ft

  • Adjustable cutting speed and force
  • High speed and accuracy
  • High-quality aluminum alloy structure to ensure stability
  • Start your business at a small cost
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Max Media Width:
1350 mm or 53 in 721 mm or 28 in
Max Cutting Width 1260 mm or 49 in 630 mm or 24 in
Cutting Speed: 10-800 mm/s 630 mm or 24 in
Cutting Force:
10-500 g
Buffer Capacity: 1-4 M
LCD: Yes
CPU: 8-bit CPU
Special Setting: Dual cutter holders, dual strips
Strip of Plotter: Double sheet
(Soft sheet and Plastic sheet)
Drive: Stepping
Max Media Thickness: 0.25 mm (10 mils)
Max Cutting Speed: 42 cm/s (17 ips) in all directions
Max Acceleration: 4 m/s2
Min Character Matrix: Approx 5 mm (0.2″) high
Blade Type: Super Steel (1.2 mm and 2.0 mm)
Pen Type: Normal Water-based fibertip
Film Type: Self-adhesive vinyl film,
fluorescent film, reflective film, paper
Display Panel: 8 digits x 2 line LCD
Interfaces: USB and Serial
Power Requirements: AC110V+10% / AC220V+10%
Power Consumption: 60 VA max
Repeatability: 0.0127 mm
Mechanical Resolutions: 0.0254 mm / step
Commands Set: DM-PL / HP-GL
Environmental Temperature: 0.35 C
Environmental Humidity: 5%-65% (without condensation)
ACCESSORIES: Power cord, Operation Manual, Cutter holder,
Cutter, Plotter holder, Fuse, Ground Cable,
Serial communications cable, USB cable and stand.